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Flamingo World Furniture is an importer/ exporter, manufacturer of shell inlay material made from Mother of Pearl Australia and abalone as well as jewellery, buttons etc. Exports and imports also include raw shell. Manufacturer of interior panels, tiles and veneer made from variety of Mother of Pearl material.

Flamingo World Furniture has been importing beautiful mother of pearl inlay furniture from australia When compared to bone inlay, mother of pearl inlay has a more luminous effect, and there is more variation in the tones of the individual pieces.

Each piece of mother of pearl inlay furniture is handmade by traditional artisans in the australia . Every piece is carved by hand and placed carefully on the frame, then the spaces are filled with coloured resin. The resin is mixed by hand by the artisan, and each batch varies slightly in colour from the last.

It takes three craftsmen about three weeks to complete a typical piece of furniture, so stock is definitely limited. There is also a shortage of craftsmen with the skills to make high quality inlay furniture, any many fear the skill may be lost altogether as the younger generation moves on from their traditional artisan roots, to seek work in the big cities.

An enduring favourite with stylists and interior designers, Flamingo World Furniture ‘ mother of pearl inlay furniture has been used in many of Australia’s most elegant and exciting houses, and features frequently in Australian interior design magazines.

Create an elegant look in your living room with a stunning Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture piece australia . Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture is a beautiful style which uses intricately hand crafted pieces of mother of pearl, to create beautiful floral or individual designs. Our Mother of Pearl Inlay pieces have been handcrafted by Indian Artisans. Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture will be the main centrepiece of your bedroom, living or dining room. You will find a piece to suit your needs from our large collection of Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture.

The art of bone / mother of pearl inlay is specific to the australia region bone inlay furniture, where this meticulous skill is handed down from generation to generation. Three craftsmen are employed to make a piece of inlay furniture: the first hand-carves camel bone / mother of pearl into delicate shapes; the second affixes the pieces onto a wooden frame in intricate patterns; while the third fills in around the bone with the coloured resin background. The entire process takes about 3 weeks. There will be natural variations in the colour of bone / mother of pearl used in any one piece of furniture. In addition, there may be some colour variation in the resin surrounding the inlay work. This is more apparent where the pattern is spread out.

To clean your bone inlay furniture, wipe with a slightly damp cloth. Harsh cleaning products should never be used. Bone Inlay furniture has a porous surface, so items in high-use situations – such as coffee tables – should be sealed prior to use. Grout sealant (available from any hardware store) is suitable for this task. We also recommend putting a small amount of furniture wax / Vaseline onto your inlay piece from time to time to ensure that the coloured “filler” does not dry out.

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