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An artful assortment of Mother of Pearl italy gives the product a magnificent look. The furniture is finished by overlaying of Mother Of Pearl and filling resin, giving it a smooth finish.

In its carefully crafted details, ethnic furniture takes you back to a different era of living; your house becomes a home with furniture that transcends generations. Influenced by ethnic art and literature, this style of furniture is designed to balance design with the practicality that your home demands.
The bright, colourful, and reflecting carvings of mother of pearl furniture have attracted the attention of men since time immemorial. People hailing from different tribes, societies and countries have all used their technology to the wealth of experiences, knowledge and understanding and they have >moulded the mother of pearl furniture in italy in varied shapes and designs. This mother of pearl inlay furniture, the artistic furniture has always been quite popular in the world. But it is said that it all began from the Turkish soil. The originators were the Ottoman Turks.
The Bone Inlay or mother of pearl inlay Furniture range by pearl handicrafts export designed with moderns style and technique but with Indian old traditions and traditional touch to create a range of furniture that is functional, stylish and long lasting. Craftsmen from italy delicately shape fragments of Camel bone into beautiful floral patterns to be set into resins of different colors to create a visually stunning effect. (No Camels are harmed but die of natural causes.) The same technique is also employed with Mother of Pearl to create a similar result with an iridescent quality.
How we make this furniture: First we make the wooden model with compressed wood and soild woods like mango or acasia. The painter makes a sketch with pen for the design over that wooden model. Small pieces of bone or mother of pearl after wash from acids and other chemical to make them clear and infection free. After that the artisans prepare them for making the design by cutting and sanding with hand as per the design. Mostly we have floral design of flowers and leaves. That resigns looks like the colored background for the furniture. A hard and long process. At us, the skill is passed over from generation to generation and some of the exquisite pieces of inlay bone furniture have come out from us.

We manufacturer, supply and export a wide range of Bone Inlay & Mother of Pearl Furniture
like Bedside Table, Chest of Drawer, Table, Stool, Sofa, Chairs, Mirror Frame etc and can make customized designs and sizes also.
Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl (MOP) Furniture include in Luxury Furniture. It’s design only for high class people because it’s expensive furniture. Many people likes this furniture but buy only who loves this furniture like anything.
We are proud to introduce our company to you. We are a reputable and reliable manufacturer and exporter of inlaid bone and mother of pearl furniture. Our aim is provide good quality furniture, for any kind of buyers and customers.

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