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This white chest of drawers is from our selection of bone inlay furniture that comes in a wide variety of colours to suit your decor. If the standard size does not work for you, we are also happy to build you a custom piece. Simply send us your requirements and we will contact you with a quote.

We are proud to adhere to a strict ethical and fair trade standard. We personally visit the Rajasthani region throughout the year to maintain positive relationships with our suppliers and craftsmen, and also to ensure that our products continue to be of the highest quality.

A bone inlay chest of drawers, also called (especially in North American English) a dresser or a bureau, is a piece of furniture that has multiple parallel, horizontal drawers stacked one above another. In the southern United States, the term chester drawers is often used. Bone Inlay Interior Furniture’s chest of drawer are thoughtfully designed.

Mother of pearl is a highly sought after commodity in the furniture world and for good reason. The exquisite designs of this 7-drawer dresser should give you an idea as to why mother of pearl is so valued in todays furniture world. The pink color scheme is anything but drab as the white, floral design flourishes up and down the dresser. The intricate carvings are individually made and handcrafted in India, making them even more valuable and interesting. Each of the 7 drawers comes with a beautiful knob that meshes with the entire design of the piece. Mother of pearl furniture might be valued, but also useful. In this case, you get 7 fully functional drawers and an extended smooth surface to store or display items as you see fit. Of course, the dresser itself might be the real draw for many people.

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