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Furnishing’s exquisite bone inlay chests of drawers represent some of the finest Indian craftsmanship available anywhere in the world. Our range of beautiful bone inlay chests are available in a rich array of colours, patterns and styles, each expertly carved, painted and polished by artisan woodworkers to create a gorgeous piece that will bring the magic of India to life in any stylish home.

We have one of the widest ranges of Indian Bone Inlay Chests of Drawers available in a huge variety of styles, colours and patterns, with different options on the finer details. Our Indian chests of drawers are solidly fashioned out of Indian hardwood, with either painted or lined drawers in interior colours to match or complement the outer design. Choose from two to seven drawer chests, in an array of colours to suit a wide range of interior décor schemes, from our neutral greys and whites to dark blues to mint greens and everything in between. All colours come in light or dark tones and can be ordered with matching Indian furniture and accessories, such as mirrors, small boxes and more.In our extensive collection of Indian chests of drawers, we also have different finishes, from the classically beautiful mother of pearl or bone inlay to the chic, smooth or ornate embossed white metal chests of drawers, lined in blue velvet inside. If you prefer the colourful styles of antique Indian furniture, we have newly painted Indian chests of drawers, adorned in the decorative art of Indian signature motifs, with birds, vases, vines and floral designs. Our mother of pearl and bone inlay displays stunningly finished traditional floral patterns or crisp, neat, geometric shapes in an array of timeless beauty, transcending fads of fashion and hand made to last through the ages.

We use camel bone harmlessly harvested from camels that have previously died of natural causes in our Indian bone inlay chests of drawers. Bone inlay furniture is the modern alternative to the pieces that used to be fashioned from ivory long ago, before strict animal protection laws were enforced in India, with the spirit of kindness and responsibility for caring for animals recognised as a civic duty as well as legally binding obligation. The pieces that go into our Indian inlay chests of drawers are collected from camels that have died naturally and are planed, carved and polished by our artisans in their workshops in Rajasthan. We visit regularly and are certain with first hand knowledge that all the resources that go into a hand made piece of Indian bone inlay furniture are ethically and sustainably harvested. Indian animal protection laws endow its citizens with a responsibility to have compassion for all animals and there are specific bans on harming, killing, neglecting or mistreating camels. All materials that go into our Indian furniture are 100% cruelty free and you can be proud to display our fair trade and environmentally sustainable authentic Indian furniture in your home, safe in the knowledge it has been ethically made and sold.

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