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The conception of using Bone Inlay dining tables for the sake of its intent and objective kept on changing themes and forms with the ongoing passages of the world. And gradually, with the advent of time, people became more accurate towards buying Bone Inlay dining tables that serve different purposes. Bone Inlay Dining Table is the most essential ingredient to turn your house into a home. Thus, this feature makes it inarguably the most crucial and compelling feature for your dream home. It can be typically defined as a plain piece of furniture that is supported by its four legs, but due to the developing dynamic trends and fashion, in today’s contemporary era the interpretation of a Bone Inlay Dining Table reaches far-beyond than this simple definition.

Today the usage of Bone Inlay Dining Tables is more inclined towards being the focal point of the house. Besides playing the role of a show-stopper in your sweet home, it also serves for the intent of the much-needed family time in every house. Bone Inlay Dining Tables make families and its members come forth and spend time and words during dinners and other meals of the day too.

Whether you have a dedicated room, one with an open-concept layout or an eat-in kitchen type, Bone Inlay Interior Furniture Bone Inlay Dining Table range comes to your rescue at your doorstep. We here offer you the utmost degree of comfort with aesthetically stunning designs, all in one pack delivered to your service. Our Bone Inlay Dining Table ambit is thoughtfully designed and offered with/without complimenting chairs. One can make a choice from the extensive range of marvellously carved pieces of Bone Inlay remarkable designs and patterns.

Go big on the table but small on seating. Whether it’s an intimate meal for two or a feast for the whole family, or 8-seater Bone Inlay dining tables. Simple and sleek or adjustable and extendable, you can find your perfect Bone Inlay dining table right here. You may also choose from the wide variety of material and its finishes. Also, don’t forget the shape of the Bone Inlay dining table top which would suit your number of family members. Through their simple but modern look, our Bone Inlay dining tables will integrate into any room perfectly.

Meticulously hand-crafted by skilled artisans in Italy, the Micah dining table is a stunning centerpiece for your dining room. These one-of-a-kind masterpieces are made by hand of bone inlay, filled with resin, and sealed to protect the natural beauty and detail. Each table is crafted by hand, every detail carved and placed. Enjoy this exquisite conversation piece at your next dinner party – we stock the Micah for quick shipment.

Handmade and crafted to the highest specifications, the art of bone inlay has its origins in the royal palaces of Rajasthan where Maharajas commissioned extravagant inlay furniture pieces such as cabinets, chests, tables, chairs and even mirrors. This intriguing art is unique to India and the skilfully handcrafted bone inlay furniture pieces are exported around the world for their intricate patterns and incredible style.

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