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Indian chests of drawers are turned from solid Indian hardwood known for its durability, strength and resistance to temperature fluctuations, changes in humidity and also for its longevity. A resilient framework of solidly fashioned wood working joints, combining the best in both traditional and modern carpentry results in drawers that can take the weight, so they’re good for storing heavy items and still slide nicely in their runners, holding their shape for a pleasing tactile experience year after year after year.The quality of our Bone Inlay furniture lies in its combination of strength as well as beauty this is the ethos behind the Indian furniture we sell, with every material and production method testament to this. Our Indian bone inlay chests of drawers are designed to hold weight and run smoothly.Our Indian bone inlay chests of drawers are finished inside with the decorative touches and attention to detail that is the signature of the crafstmen of Rajasthan; extremely skilled workers who recognise quality in the finest raw material they can source, able to withstand the test of time as well as the tough transformations they will go through in the artisan workshops. They fashion and polish wood, assemble the structure expertly and hand carve intricate geometric shapes or floral motifs from camel bone to arrange the composite materials into a highly ornamented finished result with breathtaking aesthetics. The finish is free from veneer and won’t degrade over time.
Explore our stunning range of genuine Indian chests of drawers on our online catalogue. Iris Furnishing is please to provide some of the finest traditional Indian chests of drawers that can be found anywhere in the world. Each piece has been expertly handcrafted from beginning to end by our highly talented Rajasthani woodworkers following ancient techniques of Indian furniture-making. Our furniture is exclusively fair trade and highly regarded for its quality, beautiful and durability.

Constructed with four drawers and two cabinet doors, this grey bone inlay piece of furniture will certainly provide something interesting for your home. The intricate designs and fashionable color make this even more enticing. The inlay design was handcrafted in India by highly-skilled artisans and craftspeople, and that attention to detail is apparent in the symmetry and patterns on the piece. The unique design of the bureau allows you to store items in innovative ways. You are essentially afforded two large cabinets and four mid-sized drawers along with a long surface on which to display any item you might want. This grey bone inlay design is without a doubt an inimitable concept and a veritable piece of art.

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Bone Inlay Furniture. Beautiful Celtic Design White Bone and White Resin 4 Drawers
We are leading manufacturer, trader and exporter of Bone Inlay Furniture. Beautiful Floral Design White Bone and Blue Resin.

Inlayed with bone in a gorgeous Moroccon/Mughal design, this elegant and unique dresser is the perfect match for any bedroom.Inlayed with bone in a gorgeous design, this elegant and unique dresser is the perfect match for any bedroom. The Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers is something to be celebrated.

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