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Lakecity Handicrafts Furniture (Udaipur, Rajasthan, India) introduce ourselves as a Reputed manufacturer and Exporter of Indian Handicrafts Furniture Items. Our Factory and Office are located in India, Rajasthan, Udaipur. We Have Experience of years in the business. We have satisfied customers in all countries.

We are dealing in all Handicrafts including Bone Inlay Furniture, MOP (Mother of Pearls) Inlay Furniture, White Metal Furniture, Brass Furniture, Polished Furniture.

We work with affiliates around the world to ensure that our furniture is made from the highest quality materials on the market. We own design and fabricate the items & develop them from our own craftsmen & make the products having aesthetic sense mixed with beauty and useful effects, the need, requirement, and satisfaction of our client are our top priority. Our assurance toward products exported by us are not only the best in the market but also exclusive in their designs and quality. Our emphasis has been on quality right from the beginning. The quality we anticipate from our vision is a result of good raw material, a skilled labor force & quality checks at various levels. We have a dedicated team for quality management that tests the quality standard from the start to the finish of the production process. Our products create magic every whereby enhancing the beauty of any location – whether it is the garden, kitchen, bedroom, drawing room, or many others.

We have a dedicated team of more than 50 artisans and highly professional management is our main strength. We are known for our prompt responses and timely replies to all the queries we receive.

Our customers all over the world. Many Customers in European and  American countries have entrusted us with large projects and we have always successfully kept their trust and expectations

PRODUCT RANGE – Our product range includes furniture for the house namely Chest of Drawers, Consoles, Bedside, Side Table, Coffee Table, Chair, and a lot more made out of an exquisite fusion of wood. All Category in Bone Inlay Furniture, MOP Inlay Furniture, White Metal / Brass Furniture.

We also specialize in developing products and designs on the guidelines provided to us by our buyers. A complete range of goods for the bedrooms, dining room, living rooms, kitchen, and bathroom can be sought from us at highly competitive pricing.

BONE INLAY FURNITURE _ The ART BONE inlay is Specific to the Udaipur region of India. In this Work, three Craftsmen are involved. The First hand Carves pieces of camel bone into delicate shapes. Then Second affixes those pieces onto a wooden Furniture frame in an intricate Pattern and the Third Filling around the bone with a colored rising background. A Typical Piece of furniture taking about 3 Week to Make.

MOTHER OF PEARL FURNITURE(MOP)_The ART MOP mother of pearl is Specific to the Udaipur region of India. In this Work, three Craftsmen are involved. The First Hand Carves Pieces of Shell (Mother of Pearl) Second affixes those Pieces onto a wooden furniture frame in an intricate pattern and then the third filling around the bone with the colored rising background. A Typical Piece of furniture taking about 3 Week to Make.

WHITE METAL FURNITURE _ The White Metal Furniture is created by affixing thin sheets of metal alloy over wooden furniture. Flat sheets of metal are smoothed onto the surface with hand tools, creating unique scuffing and ‘distress’ marks on the surface, rendering each piece completely individual. Under this category are sofa sets, Swing, Doors, Windows, Boxes, Chair, Chest of the drawer, Bedside.

WOODEN FURNITURE _ Wooden Furniture includes all kinds of Ethnic, Colonial, Traditional, Exclusive Carved Furniture and Miscellaneous Furniture in all types of Home, Garden, Office & Decorative kinds Etc.

CUSTOMISED FURNITURE _ We make as per Your imagination too: We also produce goods on order. Our hallmark has been the timely delivery of orders with due emphasis on quality. We strive to play a part in placing Indian craftsmanship on the pedestal of admirable achievement and bring the world ar India’s been timely delivery of orders with due emphasis on quality. Moreover, we are known for world-class artistic creations in respect of both quality standards & unparalleled elegance. Due to this, it has become a household name in India and other countries where we regularly export.

Gifts Collection _ Gifts Collection include all kind of Indian Crafted Gifts. Dry Fruit Box Collection, Platter, tea Coaster, God Miniature, Meena Gifts Collection, Meena Chowki, Glass/ Aluminum Idol, Gifts Collection, Marble Kundan Ghanesh chowki, Marble Gifts Collection, Frames & Mirror in various material, Pots, Jewellery Boxes, Painted boxes and Temples and all kind of wooden Gifts & Novelties.

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