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Our bone inlay furniture makes for some amazing gift items that are sure to become the most treasured possessions for anyone lucky to receive them. We are a leading bone and mother of pearl inlay furniture manufacturer and our products have graced the glossy pages of several noted furnishing and lifestyle magazines of the world. As a leading bone inlay supplier and exporter from India, we aim at reaching the Jodhpur traditional craftsmanship to all corners of the world. Etching out furniture designs is almost a way of life in the state. Here the vibrancy of color brings to life the very essence of Rajputana craftsmanship.

We try to bring to life in our bone inlay furniture the traditional designs and that have adorned the numerous havelis and palaces that dot the region. The designs are blended with contemporary aesthetics and incorporated in bone inlay furniture.

We have one of Great Britain’s largest selection of Indian bone inlay furniture, in different colours and patterns. Choose from geometric or floral decorative ornament of hand crafted bone inlay pieces carved by master craftsmen, combining Indian art with skilled woodworking for divine results. Match your decorative tastes with the stylistic versatility of colour ways ranging from soft pastels to bold, bright, shades and add depth and character to interior décor.

The Bone Inlay Furniture Luxury Furniture range of Indian furniture has a modern styling in keeping with age old traditions to create a range of furniture that is functional, stylish and long lasting. Craftsmen from Rajasthan delicately shape fragments of Camel bone into beautiful floral patterns to be set into resins of different colours to create a visually stunning effect. (No Camels are harmed but die of natural causes.) The same technique is also employed with Mother of Pearl to create a similar result with an iridescent quality.

Equip your home with Bone Inlay furniture and provide a sumptuous look. It is a precise and detailed decorative technique, which comprises of inserted bone pieces and makes it an exclusive range of bone furniture. We offer beautifully crafted wide range of camel bone furniture in India which showcases your excellent taste in furniture

Bone & Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture is designed to be inviting and comfortable for your friends and family. Bone Furniture offer a great range, including some really stylish contemporary designs that will update and enhance any home. It is very important to choose the home furniture very carefully as it plays an important role in the greeting message to your guests. Bone Furniture items are beautiful furnishings that can really add to the look of your dream home. There are many sizes, styles, colors, shapes and designs in Bone Furniture give a fresher look to your home. The ageless quality and the durability of material call for lasting impressions. The “Bone Furniture” gives you a wonderful modern look with an eclectic edge.

These beautiful items are part of a range of Bone and Mother of Pearl Inlay furniture that blends together simple contemporary living. Bone and Mother of Pearl Inlay Furniture helps the customers to find products for any type of bedroom.

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